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    Hello Huggins goers, hope you all like the new website, if you keep your eye’s peeled you just might find yourself on here at some point in time. Well I’ve got quite a lot to say about Huggins starting from […] Continue reading →


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    I’ve been playing at Huggins since it opened back in May 2000. Since then, I’ve watched the crowd and the reputation grow to something far beyond which we originally expected. The crowd and the music makes Huggins what it is […] Continue reading →


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    I’ve played quite a few nights at Huggins, and believe they were the BOMB! The vibe is always 100% down there, power to the young generation………. I’m 38 and still cool by the way. I love playing at Huggins because […] Continue reading →


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    Why I loved playing in Huggins …….. I haven’t had the good fortune to dj there much, but the few times that I have were great. What created the ‘right vibe’, I think, was primarily the fact that there are […] Continue reading →


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    Hi there!!! Simon here clubbing means everything to me I’ve start DJ back in 1991 long time ago!!! (getting old!!! no way ) nightlife….. that’s my life i had been around many clubs in this town-PACEVILLE,but guess what?, finally after […] Continue reading →


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    Well, what can I say about Huggins, I started going there in December 2000 and ever since I havn’t stopped rocking the dance floor with my up-front house beats. I get on the decks at about 2am and keep on […] Continue reading →


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    Definitely a gig I look forward to playing. The atmosphere is electric, and the place is jammed with the funkiest most fashionable young people in Malta. The crowd really know their music, and it’s a pleasure to play with the […] Continue reading →


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    has been around as an entertainment DJ for quite some time now – “that’s my job and I love it,” he shouts enthusiastically and is ready to keep on moving in the same direction James is now resident at Huggins […] Continue reading →


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    From January 2006 I became the resident Dj at Huggins and Friends, after a great list of Djs that had played at Huggins. I love music, and music is my life. That’s what I give to the crowd at Huggins. […] Continue reading →